Finishing up Environment Clean Up

All three of my environments now match completely. The Module Filter module helped me get them on the same page. So did the terminal command for listing the Centos patch level,

rpm -q centos-release

I also gave my VMs static addresses. and made host references so i can browse them by name. I have such a small network in my VO that I don’t need a dedicated DNS server. Ole Hosts is fine.


Modules you need that are not Core

There are many great modules that are not a part of the Drupal Core. Yet. Here are a few. Some will have more detail than others; descriptions may come later.

CTools – Chaos Tools. Needed by so many other modules that you might as well download, install and enable the suite.

Administration – Excellent module. Use the Tool bar here and disable the one from Core

Views – Have to have it, have to learn it

Module Filter – My new favorite. Gives great summaries for the modules installed and categorizes them in a helpful view