$10.00 eBooks from Packtpub.com

Packt Publishing is having a great sale on a bunch of different titles for their 10th anniversary in the publishing biz. If you’re looking for a good tech book on coding, development or network engineering, these guys are great. Each eBook on sale is only $10 – a great value!

I’ve used PacktPub.com’s ebooks for years now. They are top of the line for all sorts of development projects. Check out what they have to offer!





Core Upgrade – 7.26 – 7.27

It has been a relatively long time for this update but it is finally here and should be installed as soon as possible. I followed the same procedure as always and have had no issues with the install.

Here is a link to the procedure:


Shameless plug? Or good offer. You decide

Packtpub.com is having a great sale right now. Check this out for the details. Most of the books that I have on Drupal and open source stuff like xAMP come from these guys; their books are really good. This is a great deal too – buy one get one free!




Drupal Core Upgrade – 7.26

This upgrade has come along pretty close to the heels of 7.25. But unless you want to see the warning message constantly, you’ll need to go ahead and put the upgrade in place.

I ran the usual procedure you can find by search for the word “upgrade” on this blog and experienced no issues at all.

Happy Birthday Drupal! Get ready for the Drupal 8 code sprint!

Tomorrow is Drupal’s birthday and Drupal.org will be celebrating with an awesome code sprint for Drupal 8. Check out the details here!


This would also be a great time to join or renew your membership for Drupal.org! It’s a great, inexpensive way to support the CMS that we all love!


Read this….

You’re not a genius and your idea is probably dumb (and lessons I’ve learned from my own dumb ideas) 


Sunday, June 2, 2013

Admittedly, I’m not a genius either. And most of my ideas are incredibly dumb. But don’t worry, you don’t have to have a brilliant idea or be particularly smart to be successful in business and web apps.

On that note, I’d like to share with you a few lessons I’ve learned in co-founding and managing a successful web development firm as well as the recent beta release of our app, Pushpin Planner (launched without a single dollar of outside funding)…..



Drupal Core Upgrade – 7.25



There is a new core upgrade for Drupal, moving from 7.24 to 7.25. It appears to be pretty cut and dried. Once, again, I am using the procedure detailed from the link below.