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My named is PJ McGhee. I’m a IT pro from the southeastern United States, specifically from Memphis, Tennessee. I’ve been in the IT field for about 16 years, mainly on the infrastructure side. I’m a Microsoft guy historically. I received my MCSE back in the NT4 days and have been implementing and supporting their products for a long time.

But as I entered my 40s, I felt a change of direction in my career was warranted; I decided to embrace open source technologies in general, and Drupal in particular.

Drupal is a great product and has a broad future. And like all powerful means of disseminating information, its complexity demands close study. There are many great resources on the web to help you get started with this awesome product, not least of all the main Drupal web site. Do yourself a favor and become a member. Right now. It’s free!

This blog documents my experience in learning Drupal. I started the blog rather informally, just as a way to collect my thoughts, an avenue for documentation and a means to an end. Because of that, the earlier posts have many typos, smisspelings and wandering thoughts… To my genuine surprise, some people have actually started to notice this blog and even pay attention to it. So I have made a commitment to improve the quality of the posts.

My mission statement is this:start-learning-drupal

Provide practical advice by implementation and example.

Let me know what you think. I truly do enjoy helping people and will provide as much assistance as I can.

I hope that you will enjoy Drupal as much as I have. Take care and Drupalize!

PJ McGhee

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8 Responses

  1. Hi PGM, I have come across a ref to crontab in your recent blog – you might be interested in playing with http://www.CronBuddy.com – enter any timing commands and you’ll see a list of future runtimes. MB.

  2. Hi PJ, I stumbled on your blog (lots of generous advice!) looking for help implementing mailhandler on our site. We are trying to update existing nodes from emails. We are nearly there – we can create new nodes – but are having trouble updating existing nodes. I don’t suppose I could send you screen grabs of our settings!

    • Hi Nigel,

      To tell you the truth, I’ve never used the mailhandler module to update nodes, only create ones. But if I had any advise to give, I would say that whatever criteria is used to determine whether a node is new or existing is the key. is it done by mailbox? by subject? maybe you have to have a separate mailbox for a node to be considered existing?

  3. Hi – Thanks for that. The key seems to be the nid= command for mapping on to an existing node and we have just deiscoverd (through good old trial an error) that in Feeds/nodes processor Update existing nodes works where Replace existing nodes doesn’t! We’re making progress!

  4. Any reason you are running your “learning drupal” site on wordpress?

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