CAPTCHA and Mollom

I have had Mollom installed for a while and it is a great service. and it is free too which is very nice. But I really need to have a CAPTCHA mechanism in place on the registration form. And the Mollom mod has that too! And, unlike many things in Drupal, enabling it was as simple as turning on a light switch. Very nice!


AntiSpam –

Time to install an ant-spam service for Drupal. Mollom is the best option here hands down. It provides anti-spam options for areas that users can post to. including unacceptable language. it also provides CAPTCHA services for a higher level of security. Take a look at the service. It is free unless you need additional services.

Installing the module is a cinch. You then will have to visit there web site and get both public and private keys to be installed on your server. There are also a few choices that you will have to make.

Mollom servers verified your keys. The services are operating correctly. – this is what you will see from drupal when you have mollom congifed with the proper keys.

I have only one form at this point – the user registration form. as soon as i enabled the registration page i began to receive spam registrations with the give away domain of, a spammy re-emailing service. So I went to the Forms tab and added the registration form to the protected forms list. More later…