Who should read this blog?

This page is really for Drupal newcomers, like myself. While I have been in corporate IT for over 15 years and have lived, breathed and eaten Drupal every day all day long for about seven months now, I am still very much a newbie. Here is a list of things that you can accomplish by reading this blog:

  • Install Drupal in a VM environment on Linux
  • Learn about the mechanics behind Drupal – xAMP
  • Learn about tools that will help you code/develop for Drupal
  • Implement Mollom Anti-Spam
  • Implement Drupal’s Multilingual capabilities
  • DrupalChat
  • Facebook login – SSO
  • Drupal Core Upgrade Procedures
  • Twitter Integration
  • Find books on Drupal
  • Read about some of the MANY Drupal quirks
  • How CSS works on Drupal
  • Drupal Theming
  • WYSIWYG Editors

With the exception of a few commercial products (Windows and IFlychat.com, a few books)  everything that I discuss here is available for free. The tools, utilities and everything else that I use are Open Source.

All the things that I accomplish can be seen on the site that I am developing.


This is a community site for those who have the unfortunate privilege of being involved in the Criminal Justice System of the state of Tennessee in the southeastern Unites States. I have been involved in prison ministry through the Catholic Church and was inspired to help those who are often in the most need of aid.


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