Prod/Sand Reconcilliation

It’s that time again. after several days of intense development, I need to get the prod and sand sites back on the same code base.

171 of 210 modules installed. ran yum update on sand (prod is maintained by Blackmesh hosting). Complete


Production Change Request – Install OS Updates

This is one area of change management that is really backwards. because my hosting company is responsible for updating the OS on my server I don’t get a notification. so, i want to make sand/quality/prod the same so the patches are installed on prod first. but i am still going to follow the BPs and document the change. at least I don’t have to go in front of the Change committee anymore and have them pick it apart. Change Management in the corporate world can be such a pain….

so, here’s the proc:

yum update

confirm the new files

rpm -q centos-release

that last command must be run on sand and prod to ensure that the level is consistent.

Production Change Request – Install OS Patches

these are a part of the regular patches from centos. they have been installed in sandbox without issue.

libvirt-client x86_64 0.9.10-21.el6_3.8 updates 3.2 M
libvirt-devel x86_64 0.9.10-21.el6_3.8 updates 691 k