Menu Tabs – Tab Tamer

well, i am making progress on customizing my user profile pages. but one of the things that has been really tough has been the tabbed menu items on the user account pages. they aren’t a part of any menu that can be edited easily – not from Panels or from the Menu admin areas, which are already a little trying as it is. So I started to look to the page.tpl.php file for my theme. Since menu appearance is just that – appearance – they should be handled at the theme level. Here is a stackoverflow article about that concept.

But then I also found this – Tab Tamer! This is a really cool, pretty easy to use module that will allow you to Enable/Disable/Hide any and all tabbed menu items, including the ones on the user account page. Worth checking out.


Scroll to Top Function

Some of my search result pages can get pretty long. And there is a nice, very simple module that will give you the auto-return to the top thingy that is so nice and convenient:

Scroll to Top was the easiest module to install ever. You literally just enable it and it starts to work. Very nice. Now, on long pages you get a floating up arrow in the bottom righ hand side of the page that will allow your user to get back to the top quickly.

External Links in a new window – site wide with additional options

Such an easy thing. adding a  target=”_blank” to your link so that it opens in a new window and doesn’t take your user from your site. This is something that you would normally do in the a href tag but in Drupal, it isn’t quite that easy. But, “There’s a module for that!”… and that is the extlinks module. Small, and a user base of 44k. easy choice. Goes under good modules.

Follow – Social Media Integration

Follow is a great little (10kb) module that gives you a quick and dirty way to show how to connect to your social media sites. The mod gives you a nice icon for the service (there are a bunch that can be used off the shelf, FB, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube, Flickr…. about 15?) and allows you to put a bit of text by the link. It can be displayed with Panels – that is key. Forget Blocks and go with Panels. Good module! Here is a SS of how I implemented it.


Menu Attributes Module

Here is a great module that you should just install right away.

Menu Attributes Menu

If you’re planning on having any external links at all, you need this module. It will allow you to link external pages to a new browser window. And other things. But that is big for me right now.

Modules you need that are not Core

There are many great modules that are not a part of the Drupal Core. Yet. Here are a few. Some will have more detail than others; descriptions may come later.

CTools – Chaos Tools. Needed by so many other modules that you might as well download, install and enable the suite.

Administration – Excellent module. Use the Tool bar here and disable the one from Core

Views – Have to have it, have to learn it

Module Filter – My new favorite. Gives great summaries for the modules installed and categorizes them in a helpful view